Ranital lake in pitiable shape

Ranital lake in pitiable shape

2022-01-09 23:31:14

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Ranital lake in pitiable shape

The condition of the Ranital Lake in Nahan is deplorable. The water body, surrounded by a beautiful park and an ancient Lord Shiva temple, is a recreational place for residents in the heart of the town. However, the lake is not maintained at all and its water remains dirty and filthy. The local authorities must not let the lake die. — Rashmi, Nahan

Unleashed dogs a trouble

The MC should take strict action against people who walk their dogs without keeping them in leash. These dogs often charge at unsuspecting people, giving them a scare for their life. And when one complaints to the owner, he /she has a standard response- ‘Oh it doesn’t bite, it’s trained. The dog just wants to play with you’. They just refuse to understand the fear one feels when a 50-kg dog comes rushing at them, even if it means no harm. — Mamta, Shimla

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