Chhoti Holi celebrated in Kullu

Chhoti Holi celebrated in Kullu

2022-03-17 01:33:36

Kullu, March 16

People celebrated ‘Chhoti’ Holi (small Holi) with fervour here today. The first day of the two-day celebrations is called ‘Chhoti’ Holi and the second day is called ‘Badi’ Holi here. While Holi will be celebrated on March 18 in most of the other regions, the festival is held earlier here, depending on the full moon night.

The residents participated in processions along with traditional flags, accompanied by local ‘baaja’ (orchestra). Processions of Akhara Bazar, Upper Sultanpur, Lower Sultanpur, Sarwari and Lower Dhalpur visited the Raghunath temple and played Holi with Lord Raghunath and the descendants of the erstwhile royal family. They also went to various houses in their locality and sang traditional holi songs and played with gulal and colours.

Many traditional rituals and customs are linked to this colourful event here. The community of Mahants, who came here along with idols of Lord Rama and Sita from Ayodhya in the mid 17th century, plays Holi with the chief deity of Kullu Lord Raghunath during the ‘holashtak’.

‘Badi’ Holi will be celebrated tomorrow in which people play with colours during the day and “phaag” will be burnt in the wee hours to mark the culmination of the festival at the erstwhile ruler’s palace at Raghunathpur.

The chief deity of Kullu Lord Raghunath is brought in a colourful palanquin and a large heap of wood and grass, having a long mast with a flag in the centre of the pyre, is put on fire to symbolise the ‘Holika Dahan’. The Mahants of different parts of the town leap across the burning pyre to claim the flag. The legend holds that the family achieving the flag is blessed to have fruitful returns.

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