First Dharamsala Lit Fest begins

First Dharamsala Lit Fest begins

2022-03-26 01:33:40

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Dharamsala, March 25

The first Dharamsala Literature Festival being hosted by the Kangra district administration began today.

The Dalai Lama’s message carrying his blessings was read out by his spokesperson during the inaugural session of the festival. “I am happy that the Literature Festival is being organised for the first time in Dharamsala that has been my home for the past 60 years. India has produced among the oldest pieces of literature. India is the only country that can combine ancient knowledge with modern education,” the message read.

In the inaugural session, Vivek Atray, in conversation with Jupinderjit Singh, briefed the gathering about his book, Living a Wonderful Life. He struck a cord with the audience, many of whom were students of the Central University of Himachal Pradesh (CUHP) and Government College, Dharamsala. Atray said that in his book, he had tried to guide people to do what is close to their heart. “Every person has a creative element he or she should work to bring it out,” he added.

Lilly Swarn, Lalit Mohan Sharma, a retired principal of Government College, Dharamsala, and Nisha Luthra engaged the audience on the topic “Thoughts That Breathe”.

Neelesh Kulkarni, in conservation with Prof Roshan Sharma of the CUHP, engaged the audience in talks over his book In The Footsteps of Rama. A conservation over the book evoked a lot of interest among the audience as Kulkarni explained them about various aspects and interpretations of the characters of the Ramayana.

Tenzin Tsundue and Nyen Tsering Tashi along with Tenzin Cheoying engaged in a conversion over the evolution of Tibetan literature. The session touched the Tibetan literature, as it evolved in exile and how it highlighted the plight of Tibetans.

Yogesh Kochhar, in conservation with Aparna Ananth, discussed his book Happypreneur. Kochhar, a former management consultant and technocrat, explained as to how he left the corporate world and moved to Dharamsala. He dwelled on the concept of happiness as an entrepreneur. He explained about the application he had developed to measure the index of happiness.

Vijay Sharma and Hirday Paul Singh engaged in a conservation with Sunaini Guleria Sharma over book Soulful Strokes. The authors discusses the status of Kangra art and literature. Sushant Sharma and Shalini Aroraa Kochhar engaged in a conversation with Yogesh Kochhar.

Deputy Commissioner Nipun Jindal said that the Dharamsala Literature Festival would be made a regular affair. “I am lucky that the first edition of the Dharamsala Literature Festival is being organised during my stint in office,” he said.

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