PM to lay stone of Rs 11K cr projects in Mandi

Act against those polluting rivulet

2022-03-29 01:33:55

The Skodi rivulet under Municipal Corporation, Mandi, has been turned into a dumping site for plastic and other waste material by the local residents. They throw garbage and plastic waste directly into the stream. The Municipal Corporation authorities should install CCTV cameras at key locations to keep a watch on the offenders and impose penalty on them. Dumping plastic and other waste material in water streams is posing serious threat to the ecology of the area. — Ram Lal, Mandi

Check violations by night drivers

The traffic police in the state has failed to check violations committed by drivers of vehicles plying at night. Many have put up flicking lights as headlights while some have fitted high-intensity white lights, which leave the person approaching from opposite side virtually blind. The police should check these violation to ensure safety of people. — Vivek, Kangra

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