Repair work leads to traffic jam

Repair work leads to traffic jam

2022-04-06 00:34:55

A massive traffic jam was witnessed on the narrow Kasumpti-Vikasnagar road on Tuesday evening. The reason behind this was that some repair work was initiated on the pedestrian path adjacent to the road during the peak traffic hours. This caused a lot inconvenience to commuters. Such works must be carried out on when the traffic is less or preferably in the late evening. — Rahul, Kasumpti

Students still glued to phones

Itappears teachers and students are struggling to shrug off the hangover of online classes. Even though regular classes have started in schools, students are still getting much of their homework on the WhatsApp groups which made for online classes. To the dismay and annoyance of parents, students are still glued to smartphones at home. What’s the point of regular classes if teachers are still making students use smartphones? — Mamta, Shimla

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