Ban on Chinese apps has hit Tibetan-in-exile hard: Sikyong

Ban on Chinese apps has hit Tibetan-in-exile hard: Sikyong

2022-04-08 01:34:35

Tribune News Service

Dharamsala, April 7

The president of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Penpa Tsering, said the ban on Chinese applications like WeChat by the government had created an obstacle for Tibetan-in-exile in contacting Tibetans.

Addressing the staff of CTA, Tsering said to highlight China’s atrocities in Tibet, various departments of the CTA needed to work in close coordination with each other. “New arrivals from Tibet have decreased drastically in the last few years. There is also a decrease in the flow of information from Tibet. Moreover, the ban on apps like WeChat has created an obstacle for them in contacting Tibetans. China has also intensified its surveillance to stop Tibetans from dissemination of information, making it hard for Tibetans to send out information,” he said.

Sikyong spoke about the 16th Kashag’s objectives and the amendments made to staff rules and regulations in consultation with the Tibetan Public Service Commission. He reaffirmed the Kashag’s firm commitment to resolve Sino-Tibetan conflict through dialogue based on the Middle Way Approach, and emphasised the importance of professionalism, co-ordination, synchronisation and positive work ethics among the staff.


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