Design of support pillar for Kullu bridge sent to experts

Design of support pillar for Kullu bridge sent to experts

2022-04-17 23:34:14

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Experts of the company carrying out repair of the Bhootnath bridge have prepared the design of the support pillar and sent it to the Public Works Department (PWD), Kullu. They have come to the conclusion that the retrofitting work will be done by installing a pillar at the place where the bridge is inclined.

The 95-metre double-lane bridge, constructed at a cost of Rs 10 crore, developed cracks and leaned at the centre within five years of its construction. The bridge connects the Kullu bypass road to the town and has been lying closed to traffic since January 6, 2019.

The company was given the task of repairing the bridge. The work commenced in January 2020 but had to be stopped because of the Covid outbreak. After carrying out the work of retrofitting, the company carried out various tests to examine its infrastructure in addition to the static load capacity in October last year. However, the bridge was found unsuitable for vehicular movement. After thoroughly studying the tests of the bridge, the experts suggested providing support at the centre through a pillar.

KK Sharma, Superintending Engineer, PWD, Kullu, said they had received the design for the pillar to be erected in the Beas to restore the bridge. He said the company had been asked to send the design calculations. The experts would check the design and its construction be awarded after their approval.

He said many important decisions had been taken after discussions with them. Financial modalities were being worked out and the process was in the final stages. The construction work of the pillar would start soon.

Resentment is brewing among the locals due to the closure of the bridge which has led to traffic congestion in the town. Even further, the Bhuntar Bailey bridge has been lying closed for heavy traffic since March 11 due to major repairs, which has further aggravated the problem of traffic jams in Bhuntar and Kullu. The masses are demanding a permanent and early solution for the Bhootnath bridge.

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