Converts should not be given quota benefit: SC morcha chief

Converts should not be given quota benefit: SC morcha chief

2022-04-21 01:34:44

Tribune News Service

Shimla, April 20

President of the All-India BJP Scheduled Caste Morcha Lal Singh Arya today said those, who had converted to other religions, should not be entitled to reservation as the benefit is based on untouchability.

Asked if the SCs belonging to Muslim and Christian communities should be entitled to reservation, he said since they do not face untouchability, they did not qualify for reservation.

Arya, while addressing mediapersons here, said, “It is a matter of constitutional debate whether the creamy layer within the SC community be excluded for the benefit. So, I will not like to comment”.

Asked if the economically weaker sections of society even among the general category be entitled to reservation, he said reservation was only for those who faced untouchability. “The Central Government has started several welfare schemes for the poor which the Congress could not do in its 57-year rule,” he said.

Arya cautioned Dalits not to be misled by the false propaganda of some people about the BJP being anti-community. “No other government in the past has done so much for the Dalits as much as the BJP government has done. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inducted 12 ministers, appointed four Governors and lately gave the Rajya Sabha nomination to Prof Sikander Kumar, all from the community,” he said.

Asked if the BJP should project a Dalit as the Chief Minister of Himachal, he said that the post should be given on merit and not on caste basis. Himachal has 29 per cent SC population but still several people from the community had been given big positions, Arya added.

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