Irregularities in civil works at Palampur

Irregularities in civil works at Palampur

2022-05-10 01:35:15

Ravinder Sood

Palampur, May 9

Palampur Municipal Commissioner Vikram Mahajan has detected gross irregularities in the laying of cement paver tiles in ward number 12.

Information gathered by The Tribune reveals that the contractor had laid paver tiles of 40 mm thickness instead of 60 mm as per specification of the tender awarded to him by the MC. This has been detected at two sites in the Ghuggar Tanda areas. Besides, while finalising the bills of the contractor, excess measurements have also been recorded in the measurement book.

Mahajan admitted that during the site inspection, he got some of the paver tiles dismantled and found that the contractor had deviated from the agreement clause of the tender which was a very serious matter. He said he had issued a show-cause notice to the contractor as well as the junior engineer of the MC with directions to dismantle all tiles from both sites and reinstall the same as per the specification of 60 mm thickness. Mahajan said the action was being taken against the junior engineer also, who had signed the measurement book and prepared bogus bills of the contractor.

He said he had reports that below-specification civil works had been executed in other wards of the MC also. He said he would visit all sites for verification so that no compromise is made with the quality of works.

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