Himachal Diary: Role forgotten

Himachal Diary: Role forgotten

2022-05-23 00:35:17

The Himachal Pradesh Private Educational Institute Regulatory Commission was established in 2010 to resolve the grievances of students and their parents and to regulate the working of private educational institutes. However, it seems that the commission has forgotten its role and is focusing on organising training, placement programs and conclave in collaboration with the private universities. How will the commission take cognizance of the grievances of students and faculty, when it is over friendly with the administration of private universities and promoting them is a big question?

Undervalued water bill

Normally, city residents complain about inflated water bills issued by Shimla Jal Prabandhan Nigam Limited. Well, the company can issue undervalued bills too! It has emerged that the company has been charging Shimla Deputy Mayor much less than it ought to over the last couple of years. Now, people can’t wait to know whether the unwarranted generosity on the part of the company was a genuine oversight or there’s something more to it?

Leader leaves in a huff

A senior BJP leader from the state felt ignored at a government function in Palampur. Sources said the BJP leader left the venue minutes after he was not given a seat on the dais with the union minister. Later, he complained about the matter to the state and national leadership of the party. However, officials of the government department that organized the event said they did not give him the place on dais as they did not know him.

Contributed by Subhash Rajta, Lalit Mohan and Bhanu P Lohumi

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